Co-shaping: Grow Innovation Eco-systems

The following is an excerpt from The Essentials of Theory U Co-shaping: Grow Innovation Eco-systems By Otto Scharmer The movement of co-shaping focuses on scaling the new while growing and evolving innovation eco-systems for collective impact. The problem with today’s societal eco-systems is the broken feedback loop between the parts and the whole. The essence… Read More Co-shaping: Grow Innovation Eco-systems

Top 10 List of the Best – Lost Classics that ‘THEY’ DON’T Want You to Read

Recently I was listening to the Ray Edwards Show podcast as he interviewed Brian Kurtz, founder of Titan Marketing (you can find the full episode here: The relatively short amount of time required to listen to this podcast is a craazzzy good investment when you consider the vast amount of history and wisdom shared.… Read More Top 10 List of the Best – Lost Classics that ‘THEY’ DON’T Want You to Read

“Clarice the Cow” – Farmer Able [Guest Post]

The pigs are running the farm. So begins the story of Farmer Able. Everyone on his farm — people and animals alike — are downright downtrodden by him. He’s overbearing and compulsively obsessed with profits and productivity. He’s a typical top-down, power-based manager, forever tallying production numbers in his well-worn ledgers. But the more he pushes… Read More “Clarice the Cow” – Farmer Able [Guest Post]

Good Intentions Are Never Enough [Guest Post]

(Originally published at Good Intentions Are Never Enough Virtually every leader has a natural bias… we are either more results-oriented or relationship-oriented. However, the best leaders discipline themselves to value both results and relationships. If your natural tendency is to focus on results, one small step you can take to raise the value of relationships is to stop… Read More Good Intentions Are Never Enough [Guest Post]