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“The Path to Success is to Take MASSIVE, Determined Action.” 

— Tony Robbins

Take Action, Call Today: (260) 609 – 2469

So, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, by “Influencing Your Clients and Increasing Your Sales”, then Call Me Today!

Again, my phone number is (260) 609 – 2469.

I take calls every day, 8:00am – 8:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

Here’s to Your Write to Win™,

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Joshua Lee Henry, MA Leadership & MBA Essentials for Salesforce

Founder & CEO, Activate Advertising Agency, L.L.C.

P.S., If you can’t call me right now, then just send me an email at JoshuaLeeHenry@activatemyadvertising.com and I’ll even send you a FREE gift, my special report: “The ABC’s of Advertising: How to Motivate Prospects to Take Action, Measure the ROI of Your Marketing and Spark More Sales Today”. All you have to do is put “ABC’s” in the email subject line, and I’ll reply with your free report.

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