“Joshua, The new Ad was “live” last night… Here’s the stats for today so far. This 11.03% click through rate is better than my original Ad by far. My click through rate was 3 to 5%, more toward 3%. Hopefully it’ll keep up at this over 10% pace! So really nice work on the updated Ad copy 🙂 !!!… Joshua, nice work with the landing page copy! I really like it and can see the improvements. I hope I have it represented as you expected on the landing page. If you want changes let me know and I can work at it.”    – Paul Rakowicz, Christian Life Coach, The Essential Spiritual Fitness Program

“Joshua is a top-notch professional who used his knowledge and expertise to guide me through the outline, subtitles, and overview of what makes a great book. He took the anxiety out of the experience and made it comfortable and focused to ensure that I inject my passion and experience versus making the book overcomplicated.  He was awesome to work with!” – Robin Reininger, Founder and CEO of hrthought, and author of the forthcoming book Be the Change: A Model for Commanding Change with Confidence in Your Organization (Celebrity Press)

“Joshua was able to capture the heart and vision of our Keir Financial Education textbook series for the Ron Blue Institute for Financial Planning. His unique perspective of having served both in ministry and financial services, granted us a thorough review and he more than adequately summarized each of the textbook’s content, application and Biblical worldview.” – Henrietta Nye, President of Keir Financial Education

“Joshua was able to grasp the vision for the research and run with it! He provided a relevant literature review on Religiosity and Worker Productivity, that really helped set the stage for conducting our study.” – Dr. Justin Henegar, Executive Director of Research and Scholarship with the Ron Blue Institute for Financial Planning at Indiana Wesleyan University

“I love this! Your Destin copy caused on couple to drastically change their plans to get to Destin!” – Howard Partridge, President of Phenomenal Products Inc., and #1 Amazon.com best-selling author

“Thank you for your help.  I couldn’t have done it without you.” – Greg DuPont, JD, CFP®, DuPont Wealth Solutions

“This is really a good piece of work… I think this is really a great piece of copy. He paints a great picture of what your year has looked like. He puts you right in the seat of success…Good job selling a foreign concept…This is a job well done. I really like this. Thank you for the great copy.” – Ray Edwards, Founder and CEO of Ray Edwards International

“I’ll get your sales letter posted to the community ASAP (it really is brilliant BTW)” – Marshal Bone, Communications Strategist

“So much good content not sure where to start…But you’re great I know you can handle it…I love the opening paragraph.  I also like the ending Hard Work paragraph. We can start with that… Also keep what you wrote we will use that for the next project. You are my guy… Perfect.” – Brett Parker, Parker Tax Services

“It was great working with you yesterday! You made something “scary” enjoyable.” – Gary Monck, Partner, CSI Point Inc.

“It looks great!” – Jay Johns, Founder of 3r Interactive, LLC

“We are excited about our future and believe that Joshua is instrumental in helping lead our organization to new levels of success,” – Wes Jackson, President of Jackson Brokerage Corp.

“I have worked with Joshua and watched him in a variety of settings. At no time have I seen any action or character that would cause me concern. In fact, in each case he has exhibited exemplary behavior and character.” – Bill Shady, Lead Elder at Pathway Community Church

“Joshua is an outstanding scholar who is ready to engage in a doctoral program of study. His work in the area of the missional church and his previous work as a graduate student at Wesley Seminary attest to his readiness.” – Dr. Brad Oliver, Director of Education at The Summit, and Former Dean in the School of Educational Leadership at Indiana Wesleyan University

“Joshua Henry has some of the greatest potential for missional impact of any students I have taught. In addition, he spent a one-year mentorship with me learning how to consult for churches. He is motivated, an excellent scholar and has significant potential for missional impact” – Dr. Bob Whitesel, Award-winning Author, Ministry Consultant and Professor of Missional Leadership at Wesley Seminary

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