Interview with Frank Viola: Questions on “Living by the Indwelling Life of Christ”

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God has used Frank Viola in an incredible ways to positively impact my spiritual walk and service in Christian ministry.

That’s why I am greatly thrilled to support Frank’s latest resource for encouraging the saints. During this interview, I ask Frank five questions regarding his new online discipleship course, “Live by the Indwelling Life of Christ.

The course consists of  a set of 10 audio sessions, accompanied with a workbook and action plans, to help you grow in your awareness of the Spirit of Jesus and offers practical handles to allow His activity flow from your life. Enjoy the interview and follow the links for more information.


1.) Frank, I have read all of your books and know that they each address either the deeper Christian life or the biblical nature of the Church. How and where does your new online discipleship course, “Living by the Indwelling Life of Christ” fit into your current body of work?


It gives practical handles to the messages in Jesus Manifesto, Epic Jesus, From Eternity to Here, and Revise Us Again about how to live by the life of Christ which indwells us. It puts wheels on the biblical theology of “Christ in you, the hope of glory” (Col. 1), which is critical for both mission and discipleship.


2.) In brief, how has your spirituality changed since you began living in the indwelling life of Christ that you describe?


The answer is best put in the words of Paul, “It’s not I, but Christ . . .” Learning how to live by Christ is one thing; living each day by Him is a journey.

I’m trying to get God’s people out of the starting gate by giving them some practical handles on this score. For me, it has alleviated the pressure of trying to do things in my own power, trusting in my own resources. It also shed light on the difference, because many Christians are trying to be good soldiers without realizing that the energy they are relying on is their own selves. They are eating from the tree of THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL instead of the tree of life. I lived this way for years and had no idea.


3.) During the introduction to session 1, you mention that these messages are more intended for transformation and not necessarily information. What do you mean by that?


To my mind, most preaching today is simply informational. People take notes, the lessons sit in their notebooks, but it never moves into practical experience. I don’t mean “doing” something for God; I mean learning how to know and hear Him. That’s the root of all service.

The reason is because no handles are given. It’s all information aimed at the frontal lobe (or the emotions). My discipleship course gives practical handles that put listeners into the experience of what’s being taught. The goal is transformation. Information just swells the cranium; equipping transforms lives. The course focuses on the latter.


4.) How should living by the indwelling life of Christ affect a Christian’s relationship with both fellow believers and unbelievers alike?


The DNA of the life of Christ is love. But we don’t really get love today. Love means treating others the exact same way we want to be treated in every situation. Only Jesus Christ can pull that off. So it remarkably changes how we talk to the lost and the found. The life of Jesus also leads us on how to approach each person and how to speak to their hearts in way where they receive or touch the very life we are living by. And that life is Christ.


5.)    What is the one thing you would hope participants take away and implement after completing the “Indwelling Life of Christ” online discipleship course?


Well, I’ve heard people who took the course back in September say it’s totally changed their Christian walk. They feel that they now really know the Lord for the first time and have discovered how to follow Him . . . not just by reading the Bible and trying, but internally, how to follow Christ in the Spirit. This is the aim of the course and I hope that this becomes true for all those who take it.


I highly recommend this unique course to every disciple of Jesus and I am excited to share this opportunity with all my blog readers.

It is important to note that this offer expires on December 31st, 2013 and the course will not reopen again until May, 2014.

You can read more about the course, including a synopsis of each message and endorsements from other participants, as well as register at a significantly discounted price here.

2 thoughts on “Interview with Frank Viola: Questions on “Living by the Indwelling Life of Christ”

  1. Great interview Joshua and Frank! I love the line, “The DNA of the life of Christ is love.” That is so true. I also resonated with today’s sermons focusing on pure information rather than a means for a great transformation in life. I pray that God will use both of you to become Kingdom-minded catalysts.


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