Ignite Your Passion, Identify Your Purpose, and Increase Your Potential as a Leader

My friend and rising leadership expert, Dan Black has just come out with a new leadership book that covers the essential elements for growing your individual influence and developing the leadership abilities embodied within every single person. The Leadership Mandate: 10 Essential Elements to Developing the Leader Within is sure to ignite your passion, identify your purpose, and increase your potential as a leader at home, the workplace, and within your community.

Leadership is based on relationships. And since humans are interdependent upon one another, anyone who has relational influence on someone else is a leader. Contrary to what popular belief says about leadership regarding position, title, and power, Dan shows that everyone from coaches and parents to pastors and counselors can have a positive impact in making life better for others in their own networks and throughout their neighborhoods.

Four of my favorite leadership elements addressed include self-leadership, lifelong learning, personal vision, and strengths-based performance to produce maximum results. Each chapter concludes with reflection questions and action steps to really help drive home the lessons.

In addition to the ten elements of influences are sub-points that help unpack the various skills. Such supplemental material includes a discussion on the six types of thinking, an analysis of the five areas of personal influence, and the four seasons of an intentional growth plan.

As one who coaches and mentors developing influencers from all three sectors of society – the public, private, and social, I have already recommended this book to several of my protégés and clients. This is my first choice for understanding the basic yet essential matters of leadership. Don’t be fooled by its brevity. The Leadership Mandate is perhaps the clearest, concise, and most content driven leadership book of the year!

Leadership Mandate

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