Your Character is formed by the Challenges You Overcome

UnstoppableWow! What an inspiring book! Nick Vujicic is a living example of life without limits. He is a dynamic, speaker and writer. In his second book, “Unstoppable”, Nick addresses issues including personal and relationships crisis, career challenges, health and disability concerns, self-destructive thoughts, emotions, and addictions, bullying, persecution, and dealing with intolerance, as well as how to serve others. He also speaks to the need to find balance in body, mind, heart, and spirit.

Despite being born without arms or legs, Nick is experiencing a wonderful, adventurous life and has given motivation and encouragement to millions. He is also a raving evangelists and is continually praising God for the life he has been given. Every story is saturated with God’s provision, and the confidence available to those in Christ.

Through many inspiring stories from his own challenges as well as the lives of others he has come into contact with, Nick explains how in our weakness God is strong and how “when we put faith into action, we are unstoppable” (p. 3). I always say that as long as we are still living and breathing on this planet, God has a plan and a purpose for us to fulfill. Nick has found his calling in helping people become inspired to action and to maximize their gifts and talents. As someone who loves seeing others succeed, this book will be one I highly recommend to many as they search for meaning.

One of my favorite chapters was, “A life of Passion and Purpose” (ch. 4). Though I am not a career coach, I do greatly enjoy helping people discover what they were born to do. I am grateful to have helped several people recently find the courage they needed to follow their dreams and God-given potential. In regards to the ache some people feel in their purpose or existence, Nick gives great advice writing, “they question their value because they aren’t clear on how they can contribute and make a mark… I encourage you to identify whatever it is that fulfills you and engages all your gifts and energy. Pursue that path, not for your own glory or enrichment, but to honor God and to make a contribution. Be patient if it takes time to find your way” (p. 78).

Likewise, Nick addresses risks, timing, sacrifice, doubt and career choices writing from his own experience in finance and how he moved into a life of vocational speaking inspirational and evangelistic messages. His final career and calling advice is most important, to always pray about it. “Checking with the Ultimate Authority” is always the best way to find out what God wants us to do.

It is clear that Nick loves God and loves people. He writes with evangelistic zeal and offers practical steps for turning passions into positive difference, both in the Kingdom and for the here and now. I will refer to this book often for inspiration as well as recommend it to everyone I know looking for a true story of hope they can believe in.

I received a copy of “Unstoppable” for free through Water Brook’s Blogging for Books review program in exchange for an honest review on my blog.

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