Biteszie Biography About a Man of Giant Faith

Francis Schaeffer was by far one of the most influential Christian minds and ministers of the Twentieth Century. He was also an incredible writer. I own and have read many of his works so when I was presented with the opportunity to read and review this new “bitesize biography” with Cross Focused Reviews, I had to jump on it. Thankful to be able to receive, read, and review, a new biography about this giant man of faith was a pleasure. I must also say, that 141 pages, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of material and years covered in this short book.

The author, Mostyn Roberts, is a systematic theology professor in London, opens the book with a preface explaining his first encounter with Schaeffer’s work and how five months later he became a Christian at University. I too began reading Schaeffer’s work while in college and resonated greatly with his constant, and prophetic, critiques of culture. During the later years in his life, Schaeffer was very outspoken and created several videos that were anti-abortion. Sadly, Schaeffer’s prophetic voice against abortion is still needed in today.

Helpful tools included in this biography, are a chronological timeline highlighting several critical points in Schaeffer’s life and sources listed for further reading. I particularly appreciated the concluding chapter on Francis Schaeffer’s legacy as well as chapters 8 and 9 in dealing with L’Abri.

Overall, this is a great introduction to a genius mind, and a true servant of the Lord. Schaeffer’s intellect was equally matched by his compassion for the world. I am glad this new biography has been written to introduce the next generation of “college students in gap year” looking to Escape from Reason in the writings of Francis Schaeffer. 

3 thoughts on “Biteszie Biography About a Man of Giant Faith

  1. Joshua,

    Thanks for being a part of the Bitesize Biographies Francis Schaeffer book review blog tour. You note in your review that you were already familiar with Schaeffer and his work before reading this book, so I was encouraged by your statement in the review saying, “I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of material and years covered in this short book.” I too am hopeful that this great little biography will introduce a whole new generation of readers to the fascinating life of Francis Schaeffer.

    Looking forward to working with you on future book review blog tours.

    Shaun Tabatt
    Cross Focused Reviews


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